Miljöbron offers several thesis opportunities

​Do you want to get a head start in working life and come one step closer to your dream job? Miljöbron connects students with businesses who want to contribute to sustainable development.​​​

The thesis is aimed for: Bachelor, Master
Program area: Architecture and Civil Engineering, Electrical, Computer and IT, Industrial Engineering and Management and Production technology, Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Industrial Design, Mechatronics and Automation, Shipping and marine engineering, Physics and mathematics
Region: Göteborg/Västra götaland

Miljöbron gives you as a student the opportunity to create contacts and acquire relevant experiences during your time of study. We coach you in projects within sustainable development that are carried out on companies, municipalities and other organizations. Educational background or at what year your studying doesn´t matter. We have shorter projects that can be done early in your studies and we have master thesis projects for those of you who are about to leave school. Everyone who wants to contribute to a sustainable future is welcome to us! 
Be smart and acquire knowledge that both take you to the next level and make a contribution to a more sustainable society.

You can find all of our thesis proposals at our website. It´s possible to filter out only thesis projects in the drop down menues and it´also possible to apply a filter for language or area of interest to find the project that is perfect for you!

Last date for for application: 2019-09-30
Company/organisation name: Miljöbron
Contact person: Maria Rydberg
Telephone: 0766-121751

Publicerad: on 13 feb 2019. Ändrad: må 10 jun 2019