Industrial IoT applications

​What are the driving forces for using IoT / AI in industrial manufacturing?
The thesis is aimed for: Bachelor, Master
Program area: Electrical, Computer and IT, Industrial Engineering and Management and Production technology
Region: Göteborg/Västra götaland

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Sweco Industry offers Thesis Proposal 

Title: Industrial IoT applications
Category: Computer technology, Information technology
Location: Gothenburg

What are the driving forces for using IoT / AI in industrial manufacturing?

The question may be an open broader about applications or a case study in a selected specific area.

The general confidence that IIOT can strengthen the companies' efficiency, quality etc. is great but debated, with knowledge comes the possibilities naturally to improve. One example is predictive maintenance to detect potential problems before they occur. By studying today's offerings of IIOT products/applications from the leading system suppliers in the field and create a broader compilation of today's applications to better understand the possible benefits.

A case study of a selected application may provide another input to the discussion of IIOT possibilities and also serve as inspiration in other application areas.

Last date for for application: 2019-05-31
Company/organisation name: Sweco Industry AB
Contact person: Fredrik Hultman
Telephone: +46b 738 522881

Publicerad: to 28 feb 2019.