Enhancing Analysis of Hardware Design Verification Metrics Using Machine Learning & Data Visualization

​Master thesis at Axis Communications in Lund

The thesis is aimed for: Master
Program area: Electrical, Computer and IT
Region: Sweden

The goal of this thesis is to investigate how machine learning and data visualization can be applied to metrics used in hardware design verification. This requires analysis and interpretation of available data, as well as surveying additional data that could be collected during the verification process to facilitate analysis. Algorithms for clustering and visualization should be investigated and some candidates selected for further evaluation. An initial study of the problem should be followed by the implementation of a prototype and an evaluation of said prototype.

Last date for for application: 2019-07-31
Company/organisation name: Axis Communications AB
Contact person: Lars Viklund
E-mail: lars.viklund@axis.com

Publicerad: to 07 feb 2019.