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Utbildningsplanen är fastställd 2009-02-26 av utbildningsområdesansvarig


N.B this programme was formerly known as Management of Design, Construction and Facilities, MDCF, in LADOK the abbreviation is MPDCF

DCPM, Design and Construction Project Management, is a programme that focuses on management in the construction sector. The goal of the programme is to provide the sector with professional and qualified graduates to manage complex processes related to the built environment. This encompasses management of space and infrastructure as well as issues of property investment and development, urban planning, design, engineering, construction and facilities management.

Through this programme Chalmers University of Technology offers students the possibility to acquire competencies required to perform on a high professional level in the construction sector. DCPM is characterized by a broad multidisciplinary scientific base. An important aim with the programme is to establish a common educational platform where the various firms and other organizations in the construction sector can relate and where all phases of the construction process are linked. Technical as well as economic, cultural and psychological aspects are taken into account for a better understanding of organizations and their activities in the construction sector.

The pedagogical philosophy is to enhance cooperation and communication and to promote an efficient exchange of experiences and knowledge between the actors in the construction sector. The courses in this MSc programme benefit from the close cooperation with industry and use examples from current issues and projects in the construction sector.

The compulsory courses of the first semester, Building in society, Project management, Managing organisations in the construction industry and Construction contract relationships cover basic issues of management in construction. These courses are followed by two recommended tracks of courses that enable the student two focus on either architecture, track A, or construction, track C. For the students that want to put together a track of either a mix of A and C and/or courses from other masters programmes there is the possibility of an individual track, track I. For track I it is required that the courses are related to the subjects covered by DCPM and that the programme coordinator approves the set of courses.

The international and Swedish students work together and all subjects are presented in English.

Master's Thesis
The master's project should be within the field of Design and Construction Project management and concern a major organisational and/or managerial issue. The thesis can be based either on an ongoing research project or be based on an issue brought up by a company. To be admitted for a master's project, the student should have finished all compulsory courses. The project and its results should be presented in a master's thesis, which should be presented at an official seminar.

Entry requirements
Basic eligibility for advanced level: Bachelor degree from an internationally recognized university. The degree must be equivalent to a Bachelor degree according to Swedish regulations.

Qualifications in the English language: Applicants must prove their knowledge in English B or the equivalent. English B is normally proved by certain acknowledged tests with minimum test results. For further information see Chalmers web page http://www.chalmers.se/en/sections/education/masterprogrammes/english-language

Undergraduate profile: Major in Civil engineering, Architecture, Architectural engineering, Urban Planning, Surveying or Industrial engineering and Management


The degree designation is teknologie masterexamen/Degree of Master of Science (Two Years). The major subject is stated in the diploma.

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