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Kursplan för

IIN070 - Innovation management seminar course
Kursplanen fastställd 2012-02-24 av programansvarig (eller motsvarande)
Ägare: MPMEI
7,5 Poäng
Betygskala: TH - Fem, Fyra, Tre, Underkänt
Utbildningsnivå: Avancerad nivå
Huvudområde: Industriell ekonomi

Undervisningsspråk: Engelska
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Blockschema: B

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0104 Inlämningsuppgift 7,5 hp Betygskala: TH   7,5 hp    

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Bitr professor  Maria Elmquist


För kurser inom Chalmers utbildningsprogram gäller samma behörighetskrav som till de(t) program kursen ingår i.

Kursspecifika förkunskaper

The seminars are of an advanced nature and build upon earlier courses in the MEI program. Therefore students need to have followed all MEI courses during the autumn semester, or have gained equivalent knowledge elsewhere.


This course aims at introducing students to academic reflection and writing in the general field of innovation management. The students will develop their skills in the craft of scholarly work and their ability to work independently with literature. This includes analyzing and critically discussing research texts as well as writing qualitative research papers. The skills developed are useful both in preparation for the master thesis work and for conceptual analytical work. It also provides an opportunity to go deeper into selected areas of innovation management and thus allows students to focus their master in a certain direction. The course content is closely related to ongoing reaserch at the division of Innovation Management and Engineering. This is a seminar based course on a high academic level.

Lärandemål (efter fullgjord kurs ska studenten kunna)

The aim of the course is to provide students with
- a deeper understanding of various aspects of innovation management
- an introduction to academic reflection and critical discussion
- an introduction to academic writing of research papers

After the course, students will be able to:
- Critically read and analyze research texts. This is assessed in the reflection hand-ins that students prepare for each seminar.
- Discuss scholarly work and apply theoretical frameworks in discussions on practical situations. This is assessed in the seminars.
- Formulate a theoretical research question, find relevant literature and use it to formulate a coherent research paper. This will be assessed in the term paper.


The course consist of two parts, lectures and seminars. The first part consists of two compulsory introduction lectures on reading and writing academic papers. The second part consists of a series of research seminars and students have to select and participate in five of the eight seminars. Before each seminar, the students are required to read and analyze the assigned texts and hand in an individual reflection on the content of the articles. Seminar topics are linked to the research in the division of Innovation Management and Engineering and may include Disruptive innovation, Design in innovation, Strategic environmental innovation, Innovative capabilities, Open innovation, The political dimension of innovation, Business model innovation, Idea management.  Detailed seminar descriptions, including literature and dates, are found on the course homepage. To pass the course students must attend the two introductory lectures plus three of the ten seminar modules.



The course is organized around a number of seminars and the writing of a paper related to one of these seminar modules. The seminars depend on active student participation. Therefore students are required before each seminar to read and analyze each of the compulsory texts. The purpose of the hand-ins is to ensure that students have given sufficient thought to the seminar readings prior to class, to be able to contribute to a high-level discussion. Another goal is to gain experience in logically analyzing research papers, and in evaluating reasoned arguments in the area of management and economics of innovation. Students will also write a term paper based on one of the seminar modules. These are written by two students. Generally the paper should be between 4,000 and 5,000 words plus references.



Research reports, journal articles and book chapters relating to the different seminars plus additional literature identified by students in relation to essay writing.



Students are examined by their term paper that relates to one of the seminar modules or some other aspect of innovation management but also in relation to their written hand-ins and active seminar participation.


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