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ARK242 - Sustainable building 3
Kursplanen fastställd 2010-02-23 av programansvarig (eller motsvarande)
Ägare: MPDSD
7,5 Poäng
Betygskala: TH - Fem, Fyra, Tre, Underkänt
Utbildningsnivå: Avancerad nivå
Huvudområde: Arkitektur
Institution: 55 - ARKITEKTUR

Undervisningsspråk: Engelska

Modul   Poängfördelning   Tentamensdatum
Lp1 Lp2 Lp3 Lp4 Sommarkurs
0108 Projekt 7,5 hp Betygskala: TH   7,5 hp    

I program



Professor  Michael Edén


För kurser inom Chalmers utbildningsprogram gäller samma behörighetskrav som till de(t) program kursen ingår i.

Kursspecifika förkunskaper

Qualification for the master programme. Bachelor Degree or similar in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Industrial Design, Technical Design, Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering. Participation in design studio Sustainable Building, part A and B.


This studio is on of two possible finalizations of the overall design studio in Sustainable Building, i.e., students not continuing with the design studio ‘Sustainable Building – Competition’ during the following semester should select this studio to round off their studies in sustainable building. The studio will thus accommodate both students working with sustainable building in new constructions and students working with sustainable architectural conservation/transformation.

This studio aims at cultivating a deeper understanding of selected issues of sustainable building/conservation/transformation identified in the previous two parts of the Sustainable Building studio and to develop these issues into a throroughly elaborated design proposal. These issues should have been defined by the students as being critically important for successful sustainable building/conservation/transformation.

Lärandemål (efter fullgjord kurs ska studenten kunna)

1. Explore and develop a rich understanding of issues identified as critically important for sustainable building/conservation/transformation. Capacity to arrange gathered knowledge and findings into a ‘project data base’.

2. Analyse the gathered knowledge material to gain a deeper understanding of underlying factors, mechanisms and driving-forces.

3. Synthesize the findings from the analysis into a design proposal addressing the identified issues.

4. Defend this design proposal using the exploration, analysis and synthesis as point of departure.


Individual reviews of relevant fields of literature, debates, project proposals, demonstration projects etc. Tailored supervision and counselling.


The number of participants in the studio is limited. As the studio is within the master program Design for sustainable development (MPDSD), students who are admitted to MPDSD will have priority. Show up at the first day of the course. Students not attending the first course day will lose their place and it will be offered to the next in line. Any exceptions from this procedure have to be cleared with the examiner in advance. For further information about admission and registration, please contact Sylvia Pompe at Studentcentrum (sylvia.pompe@chalmers.se).

The studio is based on individual or small group work, where the responsibility to move the design proposal forward largely lies with the students. Since identified ‘issues’ may vary substantially, supervision and counselling will be adapted to the different needs arising as the projects develop. There are three main stages in the studio: a) gathering of knowledge and arranging this knowledge into a project data base, b) an analysis based on the project data base, and c) synthesis and development of a design proposal.


There is no compulsory literature.


To pass the course and receive a grade:

- Active participation in project work

- Submission of a project data base of sufficient quality
(i.e. that can serve as a platform for analysis)

- Submission of a project analysis of sufficient quality
(i.e. that can serve as point of departure for synthesis and design work)

- Submission of a synthesis and design proposal of sufficient quality
(i.e. that addresses the critically important issues serving as an entry point for the project)

- Filled in course evaluation

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 13 jul 2020.