How do we KNOW?


What is knowledge, and how do we actually know anything? The branch of philosophy dealing with these questions is known as epistemology. Most people don’t know much about this subject, failing to see how it could possibly add value to their lives. But epistemology and knowledge are all about problem solving. And unless you’re dead, you most likely care about solving problems, as life is a never ending stream of just that. Getting the things you value most in life, and eradicating what you don’t want, is only a matter of knowing how. And that's why you should care about knowledge.

Christofer Lövgren and Erik Magnusson are third year Cognitive Science students at the University of Gothenburg. They are passionate about the study of knowledge and problem solving, a subject they’ve spent the last two years exploring and are now eager to share with others.
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Föreläsare Christofer Lövgren & Erik Magnusson
Arrangör Chalmers Library
Tid 2020-02-26 15:00:00
Sluttid 2020-02-26 16:00:00
Plats Chalmers Bibliotek, Seminarierum 1
Campus Johanneberg
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