Apply for the Challenge Lab course ”Leadership for sustainability transitions”!

Leadership for Sustainability Transitions SEE040 (previously SEE025), a 7.5 credit master-level course in study period 1, equips you with relevant tools to explore, lead and act upon global challenges that face us in the 21st century. In the course, students from a multiple master programmes work together with the aim to learn perspectives, methods and tools that are useful in taking on and leading in challenge-driven sustainability transitions. Last day to apply is May, 7 through the student portal. 
Read more about the Challenge Lab and the course at our website​

Leadership for Sustainability Transitions can either be taken as a separate course or as a preparatory course for the Challenge Lab master thesis lab. Those who participate in the course will have an advantage when applying for a Challenge Lab master thesis. 

See why business as usual no longer is an option, in this film about the course Leadership for Sustainability Transitions

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