Trackskurser öppna för anmälan!

Ta chansen och anmäl dig till en Trackskurs! Just nu finns fem kurser öppna för anmälan inom områdena music engineering, bränsleceller, produktion och statistik.
Trackskurserna är en del av Chalmers ordinarie utbildningsutbud, men tillhör inte ett specifikt program eller en enskild institution. Trackskurserna är tvärdisciplinära och valbara, öppna för alla Chalmersstudenter, årskurs 2–5 och för Chalmers alumner. 

Trackskurser öppna för anmälan just nu

  • Statistical Engineering Practices for Industrial Development (Deadline 15 december)
  • Conveying 2D materials into practice – production and industry potential of graphene (Deadline 23 december)
  • Fuel Cell Systems (Deadline 30 november​)
  • Music engineering: Awareness of sound (Deadline 31 december)

Statistical Engineering Practices for Industrial Development 

Utdrag ur kursbeskrivning: The industry today puts a lot of effort into the development of robustness and sustainability of product and processes without raising cost. This is a multi-disciplinary and cross functional challenge that requires professional skills; how to understand, quantify and communicate the influence of variation on product and/or process performance in the complex organizational engineering context. The purpose with this course is to develop professional skills of how to get the most out of the data: how to explore historical data and how to plan new data collection both from experiments and simulations (meta-modelling). 

Kontaktperson: Peter Hammersberg,
Deadline för ansökan: 15 december

Conveying 2D materials into practice – production and industry potential of graphene 

Utdrag ur kursbeskrivning: The past decade has witnessed the rapid development of graphene based two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials. Graphene is a thin sheet of carbon atoms with fascinating physical and chemical properties, such as high surface area, excellent electrical conductivity, extraordinary elasticity and ultra-light weight. As an interdisciplinary course, we will provide you the knowledge and information about the mass production of graphene based 2D materials, challenges and opportunities in graphene commercialization. Some examples of graphene industrial potentials in Chalmers will be shared with you. In addition, we will provide you with the opportunity to participate in our graphene-based projects related to renewable energy and environmental


Kontaktperson: Zhenyuan Xia,
Deadline för ansökan: 23 december

Fuel Cell Systems 

Utdrag ur kursbeskrivning: Fuel cells off¬er an efficient way to convert chemical energy in a fuel, such as hydrogen, to electricity and has the potential to become a cornerstone in a future sustainable energy system. Fuel cell technology is particularly interesting for transport applications, for example in cars, trucks, busses, boats and even airplanes, but also for stationary applications, back-up power and portable electronics. A fuel cell running on hydrogen and air has water as the only exhaust and, thus, can contribute to a better environment both locally and globally. In this course, you will get an introduction to the critical components in the fuel cell as well as to the system around the fuel cell, how they function and how to control them.

Kontaktperson: Björn Wickman,
Deadline för ansökan: 30 november

Music engineering: Awareness of sound 

Utdrag ur kursbeskrivning: Music Engineering as we see it relates to anything that has to do with the creation and the perception of sound. Such sounds can be of any type – conventional or electronic music, contemporary sound art, everyday sounds like animal voices or even traffic noise and more. It is therefore not necessary to be able to play a musical instrument to participate in a Music Engineering project!
Music Engineering projects can focus on, for example, technical or artistic aspects, material science, health and safety, electronics, composition of sound and music, or they can be investigating human sound perception. 

Kontaktperson: Jens Ahrens,
Deadline för ansökan: 31 december

Trackskurserna bygger broar till arbetslivet

​Inom ramen för Trackskurserna får du möjlighet att ta del av den senaste forskningen och bidra till att lösa aktuella samhällsproblem som en del av din utbildning. Trackskurserna hålls ofta i nära samarbete med forskare, industri eller samhällsaktörer och är ett steg på vägen ut i arbetslivet eftersom du som student får erfarenhet av att arbeta i tvärdisciplinära team.

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