Apply to be a Digital Student Ambassador for Chalmers!

So what do Chalmers digital student ambassadors do?

There are many students around the world who are interested in studying abroad. But they do not know much about Chalmers and Sweden.​

As a Chalmers Digital Student Ambassador you will share your stories and experiences of studying at Chalmers and living in Gothenburg and Sweden through our digital platforms to inspire such students. Basically, you'll be showing our followers how life here is like.​


You are an important part of the Chalmers Marketing and Communications Team who work with international student communication and recruitment. There are two types od Digital Student Ambasadors at Chalmers. You can choose to join both types if you wish.

  • Chalmers Content Creators
  • Chalmers Buddies

Chalmers Content Creator

As a Chalmers Content Creator you'll create content for our digital and social media channels. Our aim is that our content should have at least one of the following three qualities.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Information
  3. Entertainment

As a Chalmers content creator you will be responsible for one of the following three areas even if you may actually work on all three.

  • Blogging: You’ll be writing several blog posts a month for the Chalmers Student blog. You should be comfortable with editing your posts according to the guidelines and suggestions given by us.
  • Video: You’ll be creating videos about studying at Chalmers and living in Gothenburg. You should be comfortable with all stages of the video-creating process – from brainstorming to filming and editing.
  • Pictures: You’ll be responsible for taking high quality pictures. These pictures may be used in blogs or as part of youtube videos but also be uploaded to Instagram. You must also be comfortable creating instagram stories, reels and taking part in Live broadcasts.
We look forward to your all content being experiential in nature and bringing your unique perspectives on the subjects that we can together identify as being interesting to both you and our prospective students.

​​We're looking for storytellers. It doesn't matter how you do it. The important part is that you love telling stories and know how to create engaging and inspiring content.​ All Chalmers Content Creators also respond to user comments. We would of course appreciate you joining the Chalmers Buddies team as well. You’ll be expected to spend up to 20 hours/month on your digital ambassador tasks. We will meet every month as a group to share experiences, learn new skills, swap ideas, and have a good time!

Chalmers Unibuddies

As a Chalmers Unibuddy you will help and inspire prospective students by answering questions and sharing your student experiences. You will work by using a mobile-app called Unibuddy where you will communicate with students from around the world.

Know more about how we work with Unibuddy in this video

Chalmers Unbuddies normally spend 1-4 hours/month but in some cases up to10 hours/month on their digital ambassador tasks. We will meet now and then as a group to share experiences, swap ideas, and have a good time!

So what are we looking for in you?

We’re looking for fun, creative, kind and friendly digital student ambassadors.

And... a few more requirements!

  • You're a first year master's student at Chalmers
  • You're detail oriented. You make sure that the information you're putting out is correct and fact checked.
  • You're comfortable with English even if you are not a native speaker. It's not about fluency. It's about confidence and using your own voice.
  • You're kind and friendly.
  • You're quick when answering questions, comments and direct messages.
  • You're motivated to take initiative and dedicated to completing your tasks.
  • You're a team player
  • You can commit to planning and spending the time needed to be a digital ambassador during the academic year.

What do we offer?

You maybe want to do this because you think it is fun and cool and because Chalmers is an interesting place to study at! However, we hope you want to do this because you want to help other students. Meanwhile, you will not be working for free. We will be compensating you for your work, both with merch and through smaller financial means (130 SEK/hour).

How to Apply?

If this sounds fun to you, go ahead and apply below:

Chalmers Digital Student Ambasador 2021-2022*

*If you're applying to be a content creator, be prepared to submit a sample of your work

Application Deadline: 31 July 2021​​​​​

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 01 jul 2021.