Apply for the Green Challenge conference and competition

​​Five engineering students from Chalmers have the opportunity to take part in the Green Challenge (Grön Dyst), which is arranged by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, on Friday 26 June. Green Challenge is a competition offering the chance to win cash prizes, and also a day where students can showcase their projects and visions for professionals working on the same problems.

To participate, you must have developed a project whose theme is sustainability, climate technology or the environment as part of either your Bachelor or Master studies at Chalmers. The students are invited to take part in the conference as well as a two-day programme alternatively a three-week course leading up to the conference. Students at Chalmers who are interested to participate in the Green Challenge should send in an application no later than 10 April.

What is Green challenge?

Green Challenge is an international student conference and competition arranged by DTU every year. The conference is DTU’s response to the global climate and sustainability challenges.


In the Green Challenge competition, students participate with the results of projects that they have performed either in courses or theses at either Bachelor or Master level. An abstract (a project summary) must be submitted prior to the student conference.

Prizes will be awarded for the best projects, in accordance with the following criteria:
  • Is the project well-structured and clearly communicated?
  • To what extent is the positive impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals made probable?
  • To what extent is the project technically applicable and likely to be realized? 
  • To what extent is it visionary and/or innovative?

Two-day program or three-week course

The selected students from Chalmers have the opportunity to follow one of two programmes as outlined below:

Two-day programme leading up to the Green Challenge conference:
  • For those interested in a short term stay, DTU's two-day programme offers social activities, including an introduction to the student life at DTU, a workshop on how to pitch a project, and a sight-seeing tour in the Copenhagen area. DTU pays for food and accommodation. 

Three-week course + student conference:
  • Students who are interested in a longer stay can participate in one of DTU’s three-week courses (5 ECTS) taking place in the beginning of June. The students in this programme will not be part of the activities in the two-day programme. DTU's Housing Office provides accommodation at the students' own expense.


Expenses, for the five selected students from Chalmers: 

  • For the two-day programme: DTU covers the expenses of breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days, four nights at Danhostel in Copenhagen, airport pick-up, transportation to and from the hotel and DTU. 
  • For the three-week courses: the students have to pay for accommodation provided by DTU's Housing Office and for their own meals. 
  • Train tickets from Göteborg to Copenhagen and back, can be paid by Chalmers.
  • Other costs have to be paid by the students themselves.


The students do not automatically receive a Visa as part of their participation in Green Challenge. Upon request, DTU can issue a formal invitation letter, which the student can use to apply for a Visa. Note it can take up to two months to get a visa.


Students at Chalmers who are interested to participate should send in an application by mail to Ulrika Lundqvist (​) latest on the 10 April. The application should include a project description of maximum one page (in English). It should be clear when and in which course at Chalmers that the project has been performed, and together with which other students. Five students will be selected after an evaluation of the applications based on the criteria that are used in the Green Challenge competition (see above in the section about the competition).

More information

For more information, please visit the Green Challenge website:

Publicerad: on 08 jan 2020.