Exposed to unwanted conduct or sexual harassment

​​Report if you are exposed to unwanted conduct or sexual harassment. It's the University's responsibility to investigate what has happened as soon as we are aware of it.

You can always go to your Student Guidance Counsellor, Student Ombud, the Social Unit at the Student's Union or to the Student Safety Representative (SAMO) for your programme. You also have the option of contacting your Head of Programme. Regardless of whom you choose to contact, the person is obliged to ensure that an investigation is carried out.

Once the University is informed, the Equality Contact promptly conducts an investigation and talks with everyone involved in order to obtain a picture of what has happened and proposes suitable actions. Sometimes notifying the police is considered. Personal support is available for persons who have been subjected to sexual harassment.

The perpetrator(s) carrying out the harassment can be subject to disciplinary measures. This entails reporting the incident to the Disciplinary Board, which can decide about suspension from studies for a specified period of time.

Student Guidance Counsellor

Page manager Published: Wed 23 Sep 2020.