Work environment for students

Work and study environment include psychosocial and physical learning environment and the design of the studies. Everything that affects you. The work environment should be taken into account in activities and operational planning in the daily work.

The psychosocial work environment is about how the students feel and experience their study situation, if harassment or discrimination occurs, how students are treated by teachers and how students respond to teachers, how cooperation and organization works, how the academic year is structured and if the workload is reasonable. The physical environment includes, for example, buildings, furnishings and equipment.

Work environment management, where issues of gender equality and diversity is included, is based on the education programme. Every programme director is responsible for the psychosocial work environment. The dean of education is responsible for the physical work environment. The programme director is responsible for their undergraduate programme and the associated masters's programmes. For the master students' work environment the programme director and the master's programme director cooperate.

SAMO represents the students

Every student section has a local student safety representative (SAMO) who represents the students in the physical and psychosocial inspection. To be able to represent your opinion, it is essential that you communicate with your SAMO.

Feeling safe

Work environment cooperation

The cooperation about the work environment follows a joint decision which is updated regularly.

Physical inspections

Premises used by students shall be checked at least once a year. If the premises are shared by more than one programme, one programme director can be appointed coordinator. All student safety representatives (SAMO) shall be called to the physical inspections

Psychosocial inspections

Also the psychosocial work environment shall be monitored regularly. The programme directors can have assistance of the work environment engineer, the gender equality coordinator or the student guidance counsellor, in the inspections.

Page manager Published: Tue 24 Aug 2021.