Alcohol and drug abuse policy

The alcohol and drug abuse policy applies to employees, students and contractors/consultants at Chalmers and has been written in consultation with the Student Union and representatives from various functions and faculties within Chalmers.

An alcohol and drug-free workplace is a prerequisite for a good work environment. Work and study and alcohol and drugs do not go together. Chalmers cannot and will not condone employees or any other individuals working at Chalmers being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty, or students during their studies.
At official functions, corporate entertainment, staff parties, dissertations and graduation ceremonies, if alcoholic beverages are being served, non-alcoholic beverages must also be available. Alcohol should always be served with restriction.

The general climate and attitude should promote and encourage open discussions about the approach to issues concerning alcohol and drug-related ill-health. An individual’s alcohol consumption during leisure time should not impair safety, performance and welfare at the workplace.

Non-prescription use of addictive pharmaceuticals cannot and will not be tolerated. Chalmers’ definition of drugs coincides with the definition of illegal substances as stated in 8§ in the Penal Law on Narcotics.

The policy aims to clarify Chalmers’ position and the regulations that apply within the organization for dealing with the use and consumption of alcohol and other substances while working or studying. The intention is to ensure an alcohol and drug-free study and work environment for staff and students; a milieu that prevents ill-health as a consequence of alcohol or drug abuse. We must recognise and address any substance abuse problems. With these procedures and measure, Chalmers aims to create a safe, secure environment and a sense of confidence.
People with substance abuse problems exist everywhere throughout our society: our own work environment being no exception. Chalmers, like other colleges and universities, has developed guidelines for addressing alcohol and drug abuse issues at the university.

As an employer and university, Chalmers has a legal responsibility to promote a good work environment. All staff and students have a joint obligation to contribute towards this goal. It is our aim to achieve greater transparency in alcohol and drug issues and adopt the approach that we care about and speak with each other.

Alcohol and drug abuse policy and guidelines

Page manager Published: Mon 07 Nov 2016.