Quiet reading- and resting rooms

Quiet reading rooms

At Chalmers there are a number of quiet reading rooms for you who need to be able to sit quietly while studying. Below you find a list of the rooms.

ampus Johanneberg:

Edit-house: Room 2448 and 3352 
Machine house: Room 2129
Physics house: Room F6028
Chemistry house: Room 2198 
Library, Johanneberg
Library Architecture and Community building, Johanneberg

Campus Lindholmen:
Patricia: Room 132
 Library Kuggen, Lindholmen

Resting rooms

NOTE! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the resting rooms are closed for further notice.

At Chalmers, you have access to resting rooms that you can book. The rooms are only for temporary rest and should not be used for studies. The rooms are only open daytime. You can only book a room for up to two hours each time. Information on how to book a resting room will be announced on this page when they are open again.​

Page manager Published: Tue 07 Sep 2021.