Public transport

It's easy to get around with trams and buses in Gothenburg. It doesn't take more than approximately 30 minutes to get in to town, even if you live a bit outside of the city centre. You can buy either a period card or single tickets. However, you need to buy your tickets before you begin your trip and you cannot buy tickets onboard buses. Find out more about travel information, tickets and mobile services on Västtrafik's webpage.

The bus and tram stops for Campus Johanneberg are Chalmers, Kapellplatsen or Chalmers Tvärgata.

The bus stop for Campus Lindholmen is called Lindholmen. You can also take the ferry to Lindholmspiren.


Styr & Ställ - sharing bikes

Do you prefer to ride a bike? Styr & Ställ is a self-service rental system, open 24 hours. You can rent it for a shorter period or sign up for a season subscription. For more information, visit Styr & Ställ's webpage.

Styr & Ställ​
Go cycling in Gothenburg

You will find the rental bikes close to Chalmers' main entrance.

Travel by train or by bus

If you like to travel in Sweden you can choose to book your ticket by various train and bus companies. Many of the train tickets are gathered at SJ's webpage.

You can find train tickets here:


Blå tåget

You can find bus tickets here:



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