Arrange accommodation - private landlords

​It is possible to arrange your accommodation through various websites, private contacts etc. However, it is important to always be cautious if housing is arranged through ads or private landlords and to never transfer payments before receiving the keys to the room.


  • Check with the property owner that the person is the occupier of the flat
  • Require identification of the landlord and a tenancy agreement
  • Never pay deposit or rent in advance before you have visited the accommodation and a contract is signed
  • Be wary if the landlord is abroad or can't meet you
  • Do not pay money via anonymous payment services
  • If you have been the victim of a fraud it is important that you report this to the police

Useful links:

You might even consider using social media such as Facebook to enhance your chances of obtaining an accommodation. Some useful key words you can use are "bostad", "kollektiv", "hyra" and "Göteborg".
For more useful links, please visit "Studentbostad" (in Swedish)

Housing standard

At a private landlord you need to make sure what's included in the rent, i.e. heating, water, electricity, wifi, furniture etc. A reasonable rent can vary between 4-6500 SEK per month, including wifi, electricity, heating and water. You may need to arrange items such as: mattress, pillow, duvet, sheets, towels and kitchen utensils. (You can find reasonably priced housing items at both furniture- and food stores.) All administration - i.e. contracts, keys, payment etc. - is handled by the private landlord.


It is very difficult for a family to find accommodation in Gothenburg. If you plan to study here and want to bring your family, you need to arrange accommodation before you arrive in Gothenburg. Please be aware of that the rent for an apartment for a family costs 8-12,000 SEK / month.

For information about the housing agencies, links etc, please visit Accommodation for international students
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