Accommodation for exchange students enrolled at:

​​Nordic 5 Tech, UNITECH, Erasmus Mundus or Double Master's Degree

You will receive information via email* regarding how to apply for accommodation when you have been accepted to Chalmers. 
* To the email address you used when you applied to Chalmers International Mobility or at

Key date

  • E-mail with Information regarding accommodation: In the middle of June from Chalmers Student Centre (sending for SGS) or from Chalmers Studentbostäder. Most likely you'll get an accommodation offer at SGS Housing.
It is important that you follow the instructions in the e-mail. Don't wait until the last minute, as there is a very high demand for rooms in Gothenburg.
The accommodation can be located outside the central parts of Gothenburg.

If you choose not to answer or turn the accommodation offer down the guarantee is not valid anymore, and you will have to search for accommodation by yourself.

Accommodation guarantee

The guarantee is limited to one person, (i.e not partner, nor family). The accommodation can be located outside central Gothenburg and it's suburbs, which means that you must be prepared to commute up to one hour to Chalmers. The accommodation can either be a one-room apartment, a single room with shared kitchen and toilet or a shared apartment. The start and end dates for your rental contract may differ from the academic year and the scheduling of courses.

If you haven't found a permanent place to stay before you arrive in Gothenburg you will have to arrange temporary accommodation such as a hostel or hotel by yourself.

Housing standard

Standards in Sweden is that a room in a student dormitory is furnished, which means a higher rent. Rents vary between 4000 – 6500 SEK / month, including wifi, electricity, heating and water. The rooms are furnished, but you need to arrange items such as: mattress, pillow, duvet, sheets, towels and kitchen utensils. (You can find reasonably priced housing items at both furniture- and food stores.)  All administration (contracts, keys, payment) are handled by the housing agencies, not by Chalmers. If you stay with a private landlord you need to make sure what's included in the rent, i.e. heating, water, electricity, wifi, furniture etc.


If you are planning on bringing your family with you to Gothenburg, there are some things to consider:

If you have questions, please contact​

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