Accommodation - non-fee paying-, Erasmus- and Nordtek students

Non-fee paying-, Erasmus- and Nordtek students are not guaranteed accommodation.

Students who don't pay tuition fee and don't receive a scholarship or come to Chalmers for studies within the exchange programmes Erasmus and Nordtek, are not guaranteed accommodation by Chalmers. 

Non-fee paying students (2-years master's students)

You are expected to search actively yourself, which means that you must put yourself in the queueing systems for the housing agencies - SGS Studentbostäder  and Chalmers Studentbostäder - if you are staying for more than a year. It's important that you don't wait until the last minute, as there is a very high demand for rooms in Gothenburg. As soon as you have been accepted you should start looking for accommodation.
Make sure to apply directly to each of the above mentioned agencies, applications are submitted online. For information about them, links etc, please visit Accommodation for international students.

Erasmus- and Nordtek students

Erasmus- and Nordtek students, are not guaranteed accommodation by Chalmers. You arrange your accommodation through various websites, private contacts etc.
Find accommodation through private landlords

Until you have found a permanent place to live, you will have to arrange for a temporary accommodation such as a hostel or hotel by yourself.


It is very difficult for a family to find accommodation in Gothenburg. If you plan to study here and want to bring your family, you need to arrange accommodation before you arrive in Gothenburg. Please note that the rent for an apartment for a family varies between 8-12,000 SEK / month.
If you have questions, please contact​

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