Accommodation - exchange students outside of Europe (bilateral agreements)

You will receive information via email* regarding how to apply for accommodation when you have been accepted to Chalmers. 

* To the email address you used when you applied to Chalmers International Mobility 

Key date

  • Email with information regarding accommodation: 13 June from Chalmers Student Centre

It is important that you follow the instructions in the email. Don't wait until the last minute, as there is a very high demand for rooms in Gothenburg.

The accommodation can be located outside the central parts of Gothenburg.

Housing standard

Standards in Sweden is that a room in a student dormitory is furnished, which means a higher rent. Rents vary between SEK 4,000–6,000 per month, including wifi, electricity, heating and water. The rooms are furnished, but you need to arrange items such as: mattress, pillow, duvet, sheets, towels and kitchen utensils. (You can find reasonably priced housing items at both furniture- and food stores.)  All administration (contracts, keys, payment) are handled by the housing agencies, not by Chalmers. If you stay with a private landlord you need to make sure what's included in the rent, i.e. heating, water, electricity, wifi, furniture etc.
If you have questions, please contact Chalmers Student Centres.

Published: Wed 29 Mar 2017. Modified: Thu 16 May 2019