The Energy Scholarship Energiförbättring Väst AB

Energiförbättring Väst AB (EFVAB) is an internationally renowned turnkey contractor of energy efficiency solutions, offering more than 25 years’ experience within the areas of heating, energy and plumbing.

The EFVAB Energy Scholarship of SEK 22 000 is now open to Masters students focusing on the areas of energy and/or environmental impact, preferably within solar energy.
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Scholarship summary

The applicant must have a strong interest for energy and relevant aspects of installation technology, build structure and design. Further merits would also include a focus to influence build technology which succeeds in maintaining a high level of comfort for habitants in the building whilst securing energy saving.

The student must also have a comprehensive understanding of how the different parts of building design are interdependent.

The successful applicant should ideally use the grant further his/her education within energy solutions. Interest in utilizing renewable energy sources is a merit, as well as analyzes of how Sweden can cope with the energy conversion that is now in progress until 2045.


Johan Ahlgren is the founder and owner of Energiförbättring Väst AB. He graduated from Chalmers in 1983 with a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and initiated the Energy Scholarship as a token of his gratitude for the very positive and career defining years that he experienced at Chalmers; “Chalmers has created a most important platform for my life”.

Application period

The scholarship of year 2020 has been canceled. Welcome back to apply next year!

How to apply

Send your CV to the address below together with your most recent university degrees and a personal motivation statement, explaining why you should be awarded the scholarship and how you intend to use it. Please indicate areas remaining before graduation as well as expected graduation date.

Send your application, indicating the name of the scholarship on the envelope, to:

Chalmers tekniska högskola
Antagning och examen
412 96 Göteborg

Time and location for the scholarschip award presentation

Restaurant Kometen, Gothenburg, at 18.00 the second Wednesday in May.

The successful candidate will then be awarded a diploma and the scholarship in the presence of representatives from Energiförbättring VÄst AB, Chalmers and invited guests.

At the award ceremony the student will be served a course of longstanding Chalmers student tradition, “pyttipanna” and condiments. As part of the award tradition, the party will also sing at least two songs, out of which one should be “Än en gång däran” by Evert Taube.


Please contact for any questions.


Published: Thu 17 Sep 2020.