Adlerbert Foreign Student Hospitality Foundation

Who may apply?

Entitled to apply for Adlerbert Foreign Student Hospitality Foundation are foreign visiting students within undergraduate programs, Master's programs or postgraduate (PHD) studies at Chalmers.
Students who may apply for this scholarship should be studying and enrolled at Chalmers as;
  • International Master's programs
  • Erasmus
  • Nordic exchange programs
  • Guest students
  • PHD


To receive the scholarship you need to be "active" and fulfill one or more of the following terms:
  • First-time registered on at least one semester during the current academic year.
  • At least 15 credits reported during the current academic year.
  • Registered on PHD studies.
The extent of studies at Chalmers should be at least three months (one term). You need to be first-time registered for the semester/s that you apply for.
You can only receive the scholarship twice during your studies at a Ma​ster's programme, the first year and the second year.

Foreign students who receive Swedish study loan (CSN) or have a permanent residence permit in Sweden are not entitled to apply.

Note: Students from the University of Gothenburg cannot apply at Chalmers.
Information for students at the University of Gothenburg


Application period is December 2, 2019 until February 3, 2020. We do not accept late applications!

Note! Be sure to check that your bank account number is correct. No spaces between clearing number and account number, no hyphen (-), dots (.) or commas (,) should be used. This also applies when you enter your Chalmers ID number (your number in LADOK), postal number etc. Before submitting your application, make sure that all the given details are correct.

Please note that the scholarship will be paid out to a Swedish bank account. If that is not possible we may be able to make an an international withdrawal.

APPLY HERE​ ​(be sure that you have read the information above and the FAQ below)

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How is the scholarship paid out?
The scholarship is paid out to a Swedish bank account (make sure that you have given correct information in your application). 

What is a Chalmers ID number?
The number you have in the administrative system LADOK. It can consist of only numbers or be a combination of letters and numbers.

I have sent an incorrect application by mistake
If you have made an error in your application, fill out a new one. The last one will be the one we use.

When is the scholarship paid out and how much can I receive?
Late April until middle of May. The actual amount depends on the status of the fund and the number of applicants. A scholarship usually consists of between 3000 SEK - 5000 SEK.

How do I know if my application is received?
After pressing "send" the following text is shown: "The information has been saved, thank you for your application." This confirms that we have received your application, no email will be sent.

If you have questions, e-mail:

Information about donor Axel Adler​

Published: Wed 30 Sep 2020.