The Global Mentorship Program

From 2020 Chalmers has a mentorship program with focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization in low- and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The Global Mentorship Program creates unique opportunities to practice international work and to build your networks in preparation for your future career. 

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The aim of the mentorship program is to create opportunities for students to gain unique experiences from their master’s theses, covering internationally interesting and sustainable solutions for global challenges. In addition to the academic supervisor and/or examiner the students will have a mentor in Sweden and a local mentor in the country where the data collection for the master’s thesis is conducted. 

Next call for applications

During the fall of 2022 you may apply for scholarships for field studies during the spring of 2023.


  • 12 October, 2022: Preparatory education​ for field work in low- and middle income countries. Open for all students at Chalmers, mandatory for students applying for The Global Mentorship Program and Minor Field Studies.
  • 27 October, 2022: deadline for applications.
  • Middle of November: Decision information will be sent out.

​Thanks to the Kullman family, Chalmers will also be able to support students financially to write their thesis abroad. A grant of maximum 50 000 SEK is therefore connected to a spot in the mentorship program.

The mentorship program

The mentorship program starts at the end of the year with a kick-off where mentors and mentees meet for the first time. The program ends by the end of November and runs in total for approximately a year. Students are expected to travel during the spring for at least 8 weeks. The master’s thesis should follow Chalmers guidelines which means it should be finished in 20 weeks. During the fall there is a different focus of the mentorship program when the students are on their way to start their careers. 

There are approximately 10 spots in the program per year and the selection of admitted applicants will be based on the submitted application. If necessary, applicants will be asked to come for a short interview. Admission to the mentorship program will be announced as soon as possible after the deadline for applications.

Criteria for the master’s thesis 2022

  • You are a student enrolled at Chalmers
  • Data collection in low and lower-middle income countries in Asia, Africa and South America (time in the field should be at least 8 weeks). Approved countries are the same as for Minor Field Studies and listed here. This list is in unfortunately only in Swedish, please contact us if you have any problems to translate countries you are interested in. 
  • Connection to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Following Chalmers guidelines


Press the application button "Ansök" on the bottom right of this page. If you don’t understand Swedish or don’t think you will manage the application with the help of a friend, please contact:
Read more and apply here

The application has the same format as for the Minor Field Studies at Chalmers and if you are applying for both you may use the same documents for both applications. Please be aware that there are some small differences in the applications. They are marked in italic below.

The application should contain

  • A short project plan (that you have discussed with your academic supervisor and/or examiner) including a short description of what you hope to accomplish with your work, a preliminary plan for how you will accomplish this, i.e. the method and how the work is connected to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • A budget specifying what the scholarship will be used for. It’s possible to include costs for material related to the master’s thesis but all costs need to relate to the travelling. Please include relevant sources for your estimated budget to show that costs for e.g. travelling and accommodation, vaccines etc. are reasonable. The budget should be of maximum 50 000 SEK. 
    - If you have applied for or received other scholarships
  •  A short recommendation letter from your supervisor at Chalmers, including a confirmation that the field study is relevant for the Master’s thesis
  • A letter of intent from the contact person that you will work with abroad, including contact details to the organization/company
  • A motivation letter including why you are interested in the mentorship program and why you are a suitable candidate, a half to one page
  • Curriculum vitae, maximum one page.

Deadline for application 27 October 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact:​

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