Chalmers offers a number of scholarships available to Master´s students, for citizens from countries with the requirement of paying tuition fee for Swedish university education. This includes scholarships funded directly by Chalmers and scholarships that are provided by the Swedish Institute.

Scholarships for enrolled students

Once you are enrolled at Chalmers, you are entitled to apply for other scholarships and grants, see links in the table below.
Name of the scholarship 
 Students who can apply
Adlerbertska Hospitality Foundation International students at Chalmers
Friends of Chalmers - Student scholarships Current students at Chalmers
Preliminary application period autumn 2013

Friends of Chalmers. Young Researchers Young researchers at Chalmers (the term young researcher refers to doctoral students or staff who acquired their Ph.D. a maximum of five years ago) or individuals who are encouraged by a faculty member at Chalmers to come to the university for a short term or inspirational visit.
Preliminary application period autumn 2013
Naval Architecture Scholarships  
Students at Naval Architecture