Student life at Chalmers


Chalmers Student Union

Chalmers’ Student Union works actively to make your time as a student as pleasant and stimulating as possible. It was founded in 1904, and its main task is to represent its members and work for their best interest. This means ensuring that the learning and study environment at Chalmers upholds a high quality, that there’s a rich offer of social activities and to maintain good contacts with the labour market. Student union membership is compulsory for all students at Chalmers.
  • The union is a non-profit organization, and it would not be what it is without its engaged members. If you want to, there are many possibilities to influence. There is always a need for new Chalmerists with good ideas!
  • The student union offers an abundance of activities through its societies and committees. In the Student Union Building on campus Johanneberg, you’ll find a restaurant and cafés, the bookstore STORE, a gym hall and even a pool. In the Student Union Building on Lindholmen, there’s a bookstore and a large food court. 
  • The student union organizes regular events such as cinema nights, concerts and parties.
  • It’s also worth knowing that our campuses are cash-free. You can easily charge your union card with money to pay, and at the same time take part of offers and discounts.
Photo: Noelle Madsen

Page manager Published: Fri 29 Apr 2022.