Update name and/or personal identity number

NOTE: This form only applies to students with temporary Swedish personal identity number.

When you have obtained your new 12-digit Swedish personal identity number you should fill in this form and send it to make sure your temporary number is updated in the database of student records (Ladok).
You can also use this form to change your name in Ladok. If that's the case you have to attach a scanned copy of an identity document which state your correct name. If you have a Swedish identity number, plase contact the Tax Agency for change of name.

Please state:

  • Your name (family name, first name)
  • E-mail address
  • Your current preliminary Swedish personal identity number (YYYYMMDD-XNNN)
  • Your newly received Swedish personal identity number (YYYYMMDD-NNNN)

To change your name, also:

  • Attach copy of an identify document

We will only contact you if we have any questions.
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Page manager Published: Wed 11 May 2022.