Update address, name and phone number

Update your contact information in the service Update Contact Information on My Startpage at Student Portal. Use your CID (Chalmers ID) to log in. Go to My Pages and update email, address and phone number, to get relevant information from the university to an email you always check.

You also need to change your contact information at the Student Union. You can do that in their membership website.


Report a change of address in the population register

If you move to another place in order to study at university, you must be registered in that place.


Permanent change of name

Visit the Student Centre and the Student Union Office to update your permanent change of name. Bring a copy of your population registration certificate (personbevis) were your new name is stated and a valid ID. The information you provide will be saved in the administrative system Ladok.

Published: Wed 27 Jan 2016. Modified: Thu 02 May 2019