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Every course has a syllabus with information about the course, including the list of literature. You can find the list of literature in the syllabus, sometimes on the course homepage and sometimes the list of literature is provided at course start. You can use the Search course function to find the syllabus.

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Student Bookshops

Most of the literature for Chalmers’ courses is available in the Chalmers bookshop - STORE. It’s also possible to find course literature with student discounts at the Gothenburg Student Bookshop (Göteborgs Studentbokhandel); however their selection is primarily targeted at students from the University of Gothenburg.

STORE - Chalmers’ bookshop 

Course literature at Chalmers Library

A lot of the course literature is available through Chalmers Library. In the library catalogue Chans it’s possible to search for books, theses or journals. Chalmers Library also have an extensive collection of databases, e-books and online journals. The material is accessible whether you’re on campus or at home.

Chalmers Library


The Gothenburg University Library


Used course literature

Many students sell used books via flyers that are posted on billboards around campus. This is a cheap way to access course literature, but be aware that the literature may have been updated.​

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