FAQ - questions to the Student Centre

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions to the Student Centre in one place. Find out how to register or drop a course, what to do when your grade is incorrect and more.

Course registrations

When the study period / semester begins you must be registered on your courses. Use the service "Register on course" on My startpage to register. When you are registered on your courses, you will get access to the course homepages in PingPong and can sign-up for the exams.
Guide: How to use Ladok for students and register on courses (pdf)

Re-registration on course
To re-register for a course you have not completed, use the service Re-registration on course on My Start Page. Once you have re-registered you will get access to the latest course homepage and can sign-up for the exam.
Tuition fee paying students are registered on their courses by the Tuition Fees Office
Exchange students who wish to add courses to their study plan should consult their exchange coordinator.
I want to drop a course
You can make an interruption on course registrations by using the service early interruption of a course, within three weeks after the course start. You can't make an interruption when you have a final grade or approved test scores on the course this semester
Exchange students should contact their exchange coordinator within two weeks of the start of the study period.
How do I register for my Master’s thesis?
To be registered for your Master’s thesis work, you need to fill out a registration form. When the registration form has been signed by your examiner and by your director of master’s programme, scan and email the form for registration to thesisregistration@chalmers.se
Master's thesis work


My grade is incorrect
Please contact the course examiner if your grade is incorrect.
My course has not been reported as completed, even though I have passed all elements
Even though all elements of a course are reported as passed, the course itself may not yet have been reported as passed. If you have questions about the results, please contact the department giving the course. 
Can I improve my grade?
It is possible to re-take an exam in order to try to improve your grade, even if you have passed the course. You will keep the highest grade. To sign up for an exam in a course which you have passed, use the service Examination, sign-up on My startpage.

Living in Sweden

I've changed my address or phone number
On the link below you can read about how you update your contact information.
How do I extend my residence permit?
Apply on-line at the Swedish Migration Agency’s web site. An application shall not be done earlier than one month before your current residence permit expires. On the link below you'll find instructions and the forms/templates you need to fill in to extend your residence permit at the Swedish Migration Agency.
Am I insured during my studies?
Students are insured during college hours and while travelling directly between their home and the university through a personal injury insurance.
Disabilities – how will this affect my studies?
If you have a disability of some sort you will be guaranteed teaching of good quality and a good study environment.

Key card

I need a new key card
If you loose your key card or need to adjust your access, visit the Key Card help desk in the library at Campus Johanneberg, or at the service unit on the ground floor of the Saga building at Campus Lindholmen. 

Course homepages in Ping Pong or Canvas

I can't access the course homepage in PingPong?
In order to access the course homepages in PingPong you must be registered on the course. If you still can't access the course homepage, please contact the course teacher/examiner or the administrator for the course, who can add you manually. Is it an obvious technical problem please contact IT-support.
I can't access the course homepage in Canvas?
First of all, contact the course teacher / examiner. Is it an obvious technical problem please contact canvas@chalmers.se

Computer account and email

Problems with my CID / email
If you have problems with your computer account/CID or your email, please contact IT Support.

My computer account is about to close down
If you have uncompleted courses the Student Centre can help you with a re-registration, which will open your account. When your degree diploma has been approved, your computer account will close down.

Transcripts and Certificates

Transcript of grades/Certificate of registration
You can print out a transcript of records or certificate of registration at any time from the Student Portal when you are signed in. The electronic transcripts can be validated by a link at the bottom of the document. Transcripts can be issued in Swedish or in English. You can also request a signed and stamped transcript from the Student Centre.
If you require a letter of acceptance, this is the same as your certificate of registration.
Exchange students are not eligible for degree diploma. Chalmers sends transcript of records to the home universities of all exchange students twice a year.

Published: Thu 01 Dec 2016. Modified: Wed 19 Sep 2018