Contact persons for exchange students

Due to the current situation with the Corona virus, CIM staff will work from home. Welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone, see contact information below.

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Campus Johanneberg

Visit Chalmers International Mobility, CIM, on Sven Hultins Gata 8, third floor. 

The door is open 09:00 to 16:00, and you can always book an appointment if you like to meet your specific coordinator

Map of Campus Johanneberg

Campus Lindholmen

​Visit Chalmers International Mobility, CIM, in Building SAGA, Hörselgången 4.

Opening hours: Friday 10-15

Common email address for Chalmers International Mobility:

Contact persons / coordinators for European exchanges:

Baltic countries, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary and Double master degree
Contact: Andreas Eriksson, phone: 031-772 2560

The Nordic countries, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and IDEA-league
Contact: Karolina Strandsäter, phone: 031-772 2455

Austria, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Unitech
Contact: Elisabeth Ericson, phone: 031-772 1563

Germany, Italy and Portugal
Contact: Ann-Marie Endresen, phone: 031-772 2580

Institutional coordinator for Erasmus+, including staff mobility.
Contact: Susanne Ingmansson, phone: 031-772 1801 ​

Contact persons / coordinators for Asian, American, Latin American and Australian exchange students:

Mainland China, South Korea
Contact: Elisabeth Ericson phone: 031-772 1563

Hong Kong, India, Singapore

Karolina Strandsäter phone: 031-772 2455

Latin America
Contact: Ann-Marie Endresen, phone: 031-772 2580

Canada, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Double Master Degree
Contact: Andreas Eriksson, phone: 031-772 2560

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