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​Below you will find the answer as to whom is responsible for the question you wish to address, you will also find links to each webpage or functions contact information. Due to the current situation of Covid-19, a large part of the staff works from home. Students are instead referred to email or telephone. 

The  Student portal
Link to start page
  • Information about most things that have to do with your studies (i.e. student health care, insurance, housing, course literature, schedule, scholarships, etc.)
Chalmers Student Union
Link to Chalmers Student Union
  • Student Union fee
  • Access card (Chalmers students only)
  • Questions about job offers, internships, trainee positions etc.

Admissions office
​Email: admissions@chalmers.se
Phone: +46 (0)31-772 2590, Monday-Friday: 10-11
  • Admission issues
  • Master thesis students (those who are only doing their master thesis at Chalmers, externally) see further under INSTITUTION / PROGRAM and Examiner
  • Single subject courses for alumnus
Chalmers International Mobility (CIM)
  • Exchange studies​
​Link to Chalmers International Mobility
Degrees Office

​Link to Degrees Office​
  • Degree related issues
  • Verification of degrees
  • Copies of diplomas (issues within the last year)​​

Link to Funka
  • If you have a disability/functional variation
  • Mentor (if needed)
  • Note-taking support (if needed)
  • Adaption support (i.e. extended exam time)​​.

Link to IT-support​
  • ​Computer account (CID = Chalmers ID)
  • Change password
  • Eduroam
  • Software
  • Licenses
Equality contact
​Link to equality contact
  • ​Equality issues
  • Discrimination or harassment on campus.
Student Centre

​Link to the Student Centre
  • Study certificates (if you cannot issue it yourself and/or you require a stamp and signature)
  • Re-registrations (courses you have been registered for and want to complete but which you cannot register for yourself)
  • Exam registrations (if you cannot do it yourself on your pages on the Student Portal)
  • Course selection (if you cannot do it yourself on your pages on the Student Portal)
  • Insurance questions, help with filling out forms
Student guidance counsellor

Link to student guidance counsellors​
  • Study guidance, including:
  • How should I choose?
  • Plan studies
  • Absence of studies
  • Change programmes​
Tuition fees
​Email: tuitionfees@chalmers.se
  • ​Payment of tuition fees

​Link to the Departments​
  • Exams (reporting of results, retrieve your exam or an older version of the exam)
  • Canvas, Ping-pong
  • Exam results, grades (review)
  • Tracks courses​
  • Master thesis students (those who are only doing their master thesis at Chalmers, external)

  • Key-cards for employees (doctoral students)
  • Access card for GU students (University of Gothenburg). If you are in the system

Link to registrator​
  • Record a question
  • Appeals
  • Old diplomas (copies of degrees older than a year)

Link to the library​​
  • Library card
  • Borrow books
  • Group room booking
​ ​​​​ ​
Student healthcare Feelgood
  • For students with study related illness.
Link to Medical healthcare at the Student Portal

Page manager Published: Mon 30 Aug 2021.