Study with functional variations/disabilities

Heidi Wåxberg is the coordinator for students with disabilities at Chalmers. ​

Chalmers aims to be an accessible university, open for everyone. For this reason, Chalmers strives to be a role model in offering students and employees a creative environment with the best possible conditions for work, studies and personal growth, regardless of functional variation (disability).

How to apply for educational support

  1. Log into NAIS with your Chalmers ID or the same login you use for and follow the instructions. You must have documentation that certifies a permanent disability. For certification of dyslexia, the document can be approved by an authorised dyslexia assessor or a special needs instructor. The certificate must include the results of relevant standardised tests. 
  2. After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming its receipt.
  3. We will also summon you to a personal meeting.
  4. Your decision and recommended support measures will be confirmed in NAIS after the meeting.

The student is responsible for taking part in the information in this Nais - certificate. The student must apply for pedagogical support in good time so that the support is available before the start of the course, a new study period and / or an upcoming course element. If this does not happen, no guarantees can be given that the support is in place at the start of the course.

Contact: Heidi Wåxberg 
phone: +46 72 9839065

Published: Fri 23 Oct 2020.