Equality contact

Sara Thornadtsson Chavarria, Equality Contact
Coordinates equality and diversity issues for students.
equality@chalmers.se, phone: 031-772 65 40

Study on equal terms

Chalmers shall have an appealing, open and creative study and work environment. This requires that no student is subjected to discrimination or harassment as a result of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.
Chalmers does not accept the use of demeaning language or images where gender is reduced to sexual connotations. Neither do we accept the spreading of racist ideology.
Harassment or demeaning discrimination is a serious threat to the individual’s health, well-being and working enjoyment and may prompt lower study performance. Apparently innocent statements may constitute harassment if the victim has made clear that he or she perceives such statements as demeaning or insulting. An action that in one context may appear harmless may become harassment if repeated.

The Discrimination Act
​​​​​​​Safe at Chalmers

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