Chalmers Library

The library activities go hand in hand with Chalmers’ vision: world-class education, excellent  research, effective utilization and an outstanding internal environment. The library is responsible for the provision of information to Chalmers’ education and research. The commission describes our focus on information resources, education, publishing services and bibliometrics. The library is also a meeting space for students and faculty.
Everyone is welcome to borrow and read books, articles and e-books. At the Main Library there is literature within science and engineering and a large majority is electronic. The physical library offers an attractive study and learning environment with reading spaces, quiet reading rooms, a reading studio for dyslexic or disabled, information desks, study rooms, café and a lunch room for students.

Three spots on two campuses

Chalmers Library is housed in the Main Library and the Architecture Library at campus Johanneberg, and Kuggen Learning Commons at campus Lindholmen.

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Chalmers Library

Illustration by Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

Page manager Published: Mon 24 May 2021.