All around Chalmers there are printers available for students. The printers are accessible from both Chalmers computers and from your own laptop through Chalmers wireless network.

Print quota

You have a certain amount of pages, or print quota (PQ), that decides how many pages you are allowed to print. In the beginning you got 250 PQ, and your quota is increased with 250 PQ each semester. Each time you print a page, your quota is reduced according to the table below. When your qouta is down to zero, you will need to refill your quota to be able to print another document.

Please note that you only receive the PQ each semester if you are registered for studies, and you have made at least one printout. If you have never used the print system, or you are not an active student, then you will not receive any PQ.

Prices for printing

Type of printout: Cost in print quota
Cost in öre
Singlesided Black and White A4
​1 ​45
​Doublesided Black and White A4 ​1,67 ​75
​Siglesided colour A4 4 ​180
Doublesided colour A4
Buy additional print quota

You are able to buy additional print quota at the following places:
Library café, campus Johanneberg
Kokboken, campus Lindholmen
DC, E-building
When you have bought your scratch card, press the link below to refill your account.



Publicerad: må 28 sep 2020.