File storage

Each user has a home directory on Chalmers file server. A home directory is a directory/folder where you can store your files. This directory is backed up once per day, which means that this is a secure way to save your files.
You can reach it by clicking the Start button and then click on "Computer". In the window that opens there is a network drive called "'Your CID' (\\\home) (Z:)". By double-clicking on this you will enter your home directory where you can save your files.
There is also something called group file area. A group file area is a shared directory/folder that you and your fellow students can save files together. These directories are backed up once a day. To order a group file area you can use the form "Order a group file area". Link to the form is located at the bottom of the page.


Publicerad: må 04 apr 2016.