Disquota information and clean up tips

For students maximum diskquota is 2GB.
For employees maximum diskquota is 20GB.

How to get information about your disk quota:

Windows: unfortunately there seems to be no way for a user to check their disk quota in windows. An incomplete workaround is
to select all the files and directories at the top level of your home directory. Right click on them and select 'Properties'.
That way you can see how much space you are using, but not how much quota you have left.

Linux: Use the 'quota' command to check your diskquota.

How to find the files and directories that are consuming your diskquota:

Windows: Use the Search dialog and 'Advanced options' (or other similar option). You can specify that the search should find files larger than X MB, this can be useful.

Linux; try the following commands:

du -sh * # print total diskusage for all arguments
du -h * # print diskusage for all arguments (output includes subdirectories/files)
du -sh .??* # check hidden 'dot files/directories'.
xdiskusage <directory name> # get a graphical disk usage report.
You can use the search dialog in the GNOME-environment to find the largest files.

Publicerad: to 25 jul 2013.