Access to the Windows file server

  • Logged in to StuDAT Linux

  1. Go to the Places-menu in GNOME, click on Connect to server.
  2. In the dialog-box pick Service type: Windows share.
  3. Type Server:
  4. Type Share: home/<CID>. This means that if your Chalmers CID (username)  is  'jim' you should type home/jim.
  5. Type Username: <CID>, i this case jim.
  6. Type Domain name: NET
  7. It's a good idea to click the bookmark box, then click on Connect. Type your regular chalmers password. Finished!
If the instructions above doesn't work, try the old instructions below:

  1. Run the command chalmers-windows-share in a Linux terminal window.
  2. You will be asked to enter your CID password.
  3. A login window will appear. Enter your CID password again.

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Publicerad: må 28 sep 2020.