Software to be used in your studies

Chalmers supply software to be used in your studies. This software can be found on the computers in the computer labs (StuDAT), many can also be installed on your computer. Observe that you may only use Chalmers licensed software for studies, not for commercial purposes. When you graduate you must remove the software from your computer. This applies eg Matlab, Mathematica, Microsoft Office 365, Share Premium Latex as well as several software from Microsoft.


We have temporarily added software’s to the student application server for you to install on your personal computers during this state of emergency. These will be removed when the situation is over, and we will politely ask you to uninstall this software.

The IT-Office now have a solution to Remote Desktop/RDP to StuDAT computers to access campus licensed software. If you can’t find the software you need in Chalmers Software Server, then you can remote to the StuDAT computer and access it there. Here are the guides on how to remote to StuDAT:

Chalmers Software Server

Some software can be downloaded from Chalmers' software server, which is only accessible from computers connected to the Chalmers network.
Examples of such software are:
  • Matlab - for numerical calculations and simulations.
  • Mathematica - for symbolic and numerical calculations.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Software under the license MSDN Academic Alliance can be downloaded for free by students for educational purposes. Observe that Chalmers Servicedesk doesn't give support on how to install the software. It is also important to note that if you install the software on more than one computer it will stop working and is therefore not allowed. Examples of software that can be downloaded are:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Visio
  • Visual Studio
  • Project
  • OneNote
  • SQL Server

Chalmers OnTheHub (Imagine/DreamSpark)

Software that can be downloaded:
  • IBM

Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 suite with software as Word and Excel can be downloaded by Chalmers students.
Office 365 installation instruction

Overleaf v2

Overleaf v2 is a web-based LaTeX editor that allows you to write documents yourself or together with others in real time with the support of a LaTex editor. By registering an account on their website and entering the e-mail address you get a free premium account.

Publicerad: on 25 mar 2020.