VPN (Virtual Private Network)


  • Internet connection

VPN (Virtual Private Network) makes it possible access Chalmers computer resources via the Internet, from for example at home. A computer connected with VPN will appear as if it is a part of Chalmers network and will have a Chalmers IP address (129.16.x.y).

Chalmers VPN service is not primarily made as a security solution but instead a way to extend the chalmers network. When the computer is connected to Chalmers VPN you still have to connect to the services you want to use, for example home/group directories, according to their documentation.

When your computer is connected to Chalmers VPN you might have issues reaching network resources on other networks, even the ones where the computer physically is located at. To fix this simply disconnect the Chalmers VPN.


  1. Download the appropriate setup file for your system (see below). 32 bit is the most common.
  2. Run the file
  3. Accept the end user agreement.
  4. Check the add shortcut to desktop option.
  5. Start the connection by clicking on the desktop icon.
  6. Type your CID as username and your CID-password. Leave the field domain empty.
  7. Press connect. You are now connected

Please don’t forget to disconnect when you are done by double clicking on the icon for the connection and choose disconnect

Sceduled service:

There are scheduled services at mondays 3 AM, during this time there will be a short interrupt and you will eventually be disconnected from the VPN session.


Installation software:

32 bit:

64 bit:

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