Mount home directory

  • Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6 or Lion 10.7
  • Connected to Chalmers network (through VPN or EduRoam)
The Windows home directory has the following path for 10.7 Lion users:

smb:// - Change cid to your username.

See the guide below in order to find the correct path for the Windows home directory when using 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Find the path to the Windows home directory (only for 10.6)

  1. Connect the one of the Chalmers SSH servers, instructions available below.
  2. When connected, run the command chalmers-windows-share and follow instructions.
  3. Copy the address that begins with smb://file…

Connect to the file server

  1. Make sure that Finder is the active program and choose the menu Go. Then press Connect to Server...
  2. Type the path to your home folder or paste the information you received in the above instructions.
  3. Press + to add the server to your Favorite Servers.
  4. Press Connect.


Publicerad: fr 22 jul 2011. Ändrad: to 05 jan 2012