File storage

Each user has a home directory on Chalmers file server. A home directory is a directory/folder where you can store your files. This directory is backed up once per day, which means that this is a secure way to save your files.
There is also something called group file area. A group file area is a shared directory/folder that you and your fellow students can save files together. These directories are backed up once a day. To order a group file area you can use the form "Order a group file area". Link to the form is located at the bottom of the page.


The cloud storage service is a cloud storage service. This means that the files are stored online in the cloud. This makes the files reachable from most online computer units.

What is the plan?

Files moved to box are easily accessed in many ways. There are sync clients for Mac and Windows, or through different add ins and apps, for example, iOS, office, outlook, Android and more. Together these makes the cloud storage easily accessed from everywhere.

This service is very suitable when you are cooperating with people both on campus and with others. You can easily share files and or folders with other people regardless if they themselves are using box or not. The system supports different kind of access to the files.

Things to consider

Just as with other IT resources at Chalmers, you need to think twice before you store confidential data or sensitive personal information, and you need to be aware of any applicable rules.

If you are using box on your smartphone or tablet o lock the device since anyone that gets access of your device can add, remove or change your files.

  • Mount homedirectory

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