Wireless networking

Eduroam is the wireless network for students and employees at Chalmers. There is a map of wireless networks on campus. Eduroam is a cooperation between universities, and is also available at Gothenburgs University, and at other places in Gothenburg, for example.
If you have problems with your password you should try changing it at https://cdks.chalmers.se, so that the password will be updated at all locations.


Go to: https://cat.eduroam.org/

Click on the button shown below

Select Chalmers University of Technology or search for Chalmers and click on the Chalmers button.

Select your OS and follow the instructions. More information can be found by clicking the blue information button.

General settings:

SSID (network name): eduroam
Network authentication: WPA2
Data encryption: AES
EAP type: PEAP
Authentication: MSCHAP v2
Username: cid@chalmers.se
TCP/IP settings for network card (including DNS): DHCP 



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