Version Control

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No SVN accounts will be provided. Use // instead

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Subversion (SVN) is a version control system that remembers your history of changes to a file, enables you to reverse certain changes, and keeps track of who has done what. It also enables cooperation on the same software project for developers located all over the world. The cost for creating a repository on Chalmers' SVN server is 200 SEK.
How Can I Get an SVN Repository?

Only Chalmers employees can order SVN repositories.  Please contact your tutor or teacher.

Where is my repository?
Please tell your SVN client to connect to:

Configuring your environment (Unix)
After running SVN for the first time, it needs to be configured not to save your password to a file in your home directory, because that is unfortunately the default behaviour on Unix.  Please edit the file ~/.subversion/config, and ensure that the following setting is chosen as listed here:

store-auth-creds = no



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