Computer account and password

Each student has a unique user identity called Chalmers ID (shortened CID) to get access to Chalmers IT resources. You receive your user information during your first week. Contact the IT-support if you have not received any.


When you recieve your Chalmers ID you also get a password. Your password can easily be changed (see below). Each user is responsible for their account, keep your password secret and store it safely. Do NOT send your password to the IT-support (nor to anyone else).

Lost or forgotten password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you must visit the IT-support and bring a valid ID to get a new scratch card and a new password.


Change password

To change your CID password, do the following:

  • Navigate to Chalmers' person database (PDB)
  • Click CID or other accounts in the left column
  • Type your CID, the old password, and then the new password twice
  • Click Change Password

Try again

If you receive an error message that you cannot change password - try again. Otherwise the change of password may have been implemented in parts of the system and then your account will not work. Check the instructions for safe passwords (which characters, how many etc.)


Sidansvarig Publicerad: Fri 12 Feb 2021.