IT services

Chalmers IT-services offer infrastructure and software to be used on laptops, smartphones and tablets. On the campuses there are also several computer labs with the most common software. There are also locally installed software available in some computer labs.

Access your student email

1. Access your email on the Student Portal, use your CID and CID password to log in.
2. Or visit
3. If there is a problem with your email visit

Rules for using IT-services

Observe that students at Chalmers must sign and accept the Chalmers rules for using computers and data network resources. These rules apply for all IT-services that Chalmers offer. You are also responsible that any computer you connect to the network has a good security level, i.e. updated operating system and antivirus software.

Copyright protected material

File sharing of copyright protected material is illegal in Sweden and therefore prohibited on Chalmers network. Make sure BitTorrent is inactivate when you are connected to the network.

If you have questions contact IT-support at

Published: Mon 21 Sep 2009. Modified: Thu 10 Jan 2019