Computer introduction

An introduction to Chalmers computer systems.

Username and password

You will receive a computer account at that is used to access most of  Chalmers's computer services. At the registration you receive a paper with information about the computer account. At the bottom of this paper your username is printed. The username is often referred to as your CID (Chalmers ID).

You will also receive a scratch card with the password to be used with your CID. The password on the first line of the scratch card. This password is often referred to as the CID-password.


The scratch card:

Line 1. Password for your CID
Line 2. Password for CID/net
Line 3. Not in use
Line 4. PIN-code for your key card

Change your password in Chalmers person's database. The computer user agreement can be found there as well. You need to accept the terms of the computer user agreement within four weeks to keep your account.

Note: // are since summer 2018 moved to // - you will be redirected from the old address. For quite a while we will still use scratch cards with the old address.

Use eduroam for wireless access

Eduroam is the SSID of the wireless network on the campus. Log in to eduroam with and your CID password. Eduroam also works at other Universities in Sweden and Europe. We recommend to activate the firewall and virus protection when you use the wireless network. It is not allowed to share copyrighted material on the Chalmers network, so turn off file sharing services.

Configuration settings can be downloaded from
NOMAD is an old wireless network and is primary intended for guests. It is possible to use NOMAD without login to download settings from


Chalmers have computer labs for students with either Windows or Linux machines. These computers are intended for studies, personal improvement or fun (in that order). The computer labs are open round the clock. During daytime the labs are usually booked for classes. Use CID and the CID password to log in to the computers. Use the key card and the PIN-code from line 4 on the scratch card to enter the computer labs.

Your laptop

Activate firewall and virus protection on your laptop when you bring it to Chalmers. Even if it is convenient to run the laptop without protection it may lead to a serious infection.


All students get an e-mail address that is This address is important to read since it is used by Chalmers to reach the students. If you use another e-mail you should forward the mail from to your preferred e-mail.

  • Access your e-mail by clicking on the e-mail link on the top of this page (only visible when you are logged on).

File storage

You receive a personal folder where you can save up to 10 GB of data. This folder is backed up on a daily basis and the backups are stored for two months. Contact servicedesk if you need to recover a lost file.

  • If you use Windows your files are located at: \\\home\CID
  • If you use Linux your files are located at: \\\CID

On a Chalmers computer the folder is automatically mounted on Z: or /chalmers/users/CID.

Use VPN when you are outside the Chalmers network and want to mount files.


Use the printserver Printer quota (PQ) is used to limit the number of prints. Each student receive 250 PQ each semester, which roughly translates to 250 pages of black and white prints on A4. Color prints, or other paper formats, are more expensive.

(Please note that you only receive the PQ each semester if you are registered for studies, and you have made at least one printout. If you have never used the print system, or you are not an active student, you will not receive any PQ.)

More printer quota can be bought online or at the kiosks on the campus

The name of the printer is written on a label or instruction near the printer.

You need to configure kerberos to print from a laptop.


The software that is frequently used in courses can often be downloaded for free. You can for instance get Matlab and Mathematica for your computer.

The Microsoft development suite is also available for download.

Software that unfortunately are not available for free is: Photoshop and Acrobat Pro .

For more information see IT-office documentation webb

Published: Wed 08 Aug 2018.