Chalmers IT-support

Get a Chalmers account/CID

It will take serveral hours from registration in Ladok to a fully functional account. (2022-08-11)

Follow the instructions at the page "New student at Chalmers".
New GU student  for new students at University of Gothenburg that should have a CID

Email account

Your e-mail account is created after you retrived your CID from MyAccount and we have received information from Ladok that you have registered on your courses. It is usually available within a few hours after that but it may take longer, especially during the start of the semester.

Login to the Student Portal, the link "My Email" to the right in the black line, will take you to your email.
Your email address is
Use this link to create a bookmark
If you need to enter a username, use
If you have problems logging in or want to read email with another client, there is more information in the Chalmers service portal (requires login, cid and password).

Forgot the password

Login at MyAccount with your eduID or GU-account to set a new password. 
You can also visit our IT-Helpdesk (se information below)  if you can't use MyAccount.

Find an answer

Information and guides about our systems are available at the Chalmers Service Portal
Chalmers service portal (Sign in with your CID)
We publish news and tips on Facebook


Link to Chalmers programserver for Students

Contact Us

Email us

We recommend that you send your question, if possible, from your student email
To be able to answer questions, we need to know:
  • Who are you; state your CID or personal identification number (or email from the student email)
  • What question / problem you have
  • Where the problem occurs, such as the computer name, operating system
  • When the problem occurred
We answer emails during office hours, usually weekdays 8:00-16:00

Call us

Phone: 031-772 6500 (+46 31 772 6500)
Summer open: weekdays 9:00 - 15:00, reduced staffing
valid during summer 2022, week 25-32 (2022-06-20 — 2022-08-14) 
Open: weekdays 08:00 - 15:00, reduced staffing during lunchtime

Visit us

Campus IT-helpdesk Johanneberg
Open: weekdays 12:00 - 14:00 during semester time
We are located at Studenttorget in Chalmers main library, Campus Lindholmen
Campus IT-helpdesk Lindholmen
Closed for summer 2022 week 24-32 (2022-06-13 — 2022-08-14)
Open: Tuesdays 12:00 - 14:00 during semester time
We are located on the entrance level in house Saga, Campus Lindholmen

Office hours, semester time and other times

We advertise other days with deviating opening hours here if possible and / or in the current service / help desk.

Office hours 8:00-16:00 we can usually handle incoming cases during this time. We have flexible hours and staffing can therefore vary throughout the day. We may also be absent due to meetings and other activities.
Semester time is when it is not holidays, it varies which dates we close and open at the summer and winter breaks. Generally, for the autumn semester we open as the new students arrive and close one week before Christmas and for the spring semester we open the second week in January and close after the semester has ended.
We have three half days when we close at 12:00: Walpurgis Night, The day before All Saints' Day, The day before Christmas Eve (December 23).
We have completely closed all red days, but also Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the Friday after Ascension Day. If 6 June is a Saturday, we are free on Friday, 5 June, and if it is a Sunday, we are free on Monday, 7 June.


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