Tracks themes

Tracks have five themes in parallel. The intention is that a theme within Tracks is broad and includes a large variety of different projects/courses on basic or advanced levels. 
Both themes and projects/courses will be finalised and new ones will be added continuously. Each theme will, however, be kept for a minimum of about three years. The decision on which themes will be included in Tracks is based on, for example, how relevant they are, that they are broad enough to include students from many educational programmes and that there are researchers and teachers who work and research within the subject/field. The purpose of Tracks is also to create possibilities for projects/courses that do not fit within the existing education. The projects/courses should approach new and cross-disciplinary societal- and research challenges.   

The themes for the round of 20/21 are Emerging technologies - from science to innovation, Sustainable transport, Health and sports technology, Sustainable cities, and Sustainable production. Under these themes are a number of Tracks courses. tracks themes

Emerging technologies – from science to innovation
Emerging Technologies is an exciting theme, including technologies that are under development and whose practical applications still are largely unrealised. Examples of such technologies are AI, Quantum Material and Quantum Technology, nanostructures and graphene. The link to graphene is natural because Chalmers University of Technology is the host of The Graphene Flagship – a Future and Emerging Technology Flagship by the European Commission. 

The demand for knowledge about Quantum technology is high and the subject provides an interesting advantage to several courses at Chalmers. 

AI is today very important, and the society demands both general and in-depth knowledge of AI. AI is in different ways related to all educational programs at Chalmers and the former AI theme within Tracks is now included in this new theme.

Sustainable transport

A highly relevant field in the transformation into a more sustainable society. Chalmers has a range of successful research within this field and most educational programmes are relevant in these projects. 

Health and sports technology

This is a field where Chalmers has successful research and interesting connections to the society, connections that may be available for more students. To combine health and sport with technology is highly relevant, and may be combined with many educational programmes at Chalmers. The theme is also logical as Chalmers is a National sports university (Riksidrottsuniversitet). 

Sustainable Cities

A theme that can include everything from issues regarding water and electricity to recycling and housebuilding. Cities face several challenges linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where Chalmers can offer an interdisciplinary study and research environment. It is possible to use Chalmers campus as a test arena for various projects and solutions within this theme. 

Sustainable production

The theme includes both sustainable production and sustainable products. As part of the restructuring of the industry, students in several different areas must develop professional skills that can help the progress of different sustainable production solutions.

At Chalmers there are also opportunities to create educational elements regarding sustainable products by combining technical solutions with environmental analysis and in that way learn how to develop new products and services.

Page manager Published: Thu 20 May 2021.