tracks learning environment, foto: CaseStudio

Tracks Learning Environment

Tracks include a large investment in Chalmers' learning environment. In 2021, the development of Tracks new learning environment will be intensified on campus Johanneberg, in Betonghallen and its surrounding areas. The premises will offer students modern equipment and new ways of working together. The inauguration of the premises is planned to take place early 2022.

Parts of Tracks courses’ supervision will be held digitally, with a high degree of interaction with representatives from the industry and public organisations. The new learning environment will facilitate new opportunities for collaboration and focus on future needs as well as flexible solutions.

Open to everyone at Chalmers

The learning environment is primarily intended for use by Tracks students but will be open to everyone at Chalmers as much as possible. However, in order to use certain workshops and labs, you will be required to undergo safety training. The environment will be open during evenings for students who want to test their own project ideas, school projects or for Chalmers-related events such as hackathons or marketing events addressing primary and secondary schools.

This page will be continuously updated with new information about the learning environment.

Page manager Published: Mon 23 May 2022.